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Data Sovereignty Is not a technical threat It is a Business One.

Scytale Alpha Private Limited is a mix of select group of veterans from the Indian Armed Forces & young industry experts who are closely working with IIT Madras, Defense sector and NCIIPC (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center), an apex body by IT ACT 2008 under PMO to protect critical infrastructure such as energy, banking and telecom. Core Team has decades of experience in information gathering, analysis, research and field operations as also in consulting and advisory to key government & corporate organizations on cyber and infrastructure security in India & Overseas.
We Provide
State of the art military grade secure and heavily encrypted communication solutions for Corporate and Goverment organisations

Man Behind The Initiative

Security is not a luxury it's a need

Satyam Kushwaha CEO of Scytale Alpha Pvt. Ltd. is a Veteran officer of Indian Air Force with more than 21 years of service as a fighter pilot. After completing his deployment with Indian Air Force he took the role of Defense Specialist at National Security Council Secretariat.
Besides having a stellar career, he has represented India four times at United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UNGGIM) meetings and twice as a delegation member during meetings of BRICS Collaborative Geospatial Working Group. These days Satyam is working as a Strategic Consultant cum Chief Geospatial Officer for Min of Road Transport & Highways improving tech posture of the ministry
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Satyam Kushwaha

Founder & CEO


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Provide secure Communication alternatives



The Secure Indian replacement Of Whatsapp



secure network



Un hackable

Made in India


Self Hosted

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Airu has changed the security posture of our organization.

Priyam cso

Felt secure after using AIRU. One of the most secure application available in the market.

Ram Prasad Entrepreneur

AIRU provides secure end-to-end communication. Feeling proud. #Make in India

Rajdeep Entrepreneur

{FAQ's} Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need a replacement of whatsapp?

Whatsapp is hosted on third-party services and there is always a chance of data spying/theft. Whereas AIRU is hosted in India and provide secure communication.

What is Data Sovereignty?

Data sovereignty is the idea that data are subject to the laws and governance structures within the nation it is collected. The concept of data sovereignty is closely linked with data security, cloud computing and technological sovereignty. Unlike technological sovereignty, which is vaguely defined and can be used as an umbrella term in policymaking, data sovereignty is specifically concerned with questions surrounding the data itself. Data sovereignty is usually discussed in two ways: in relation to Indigenous groups and Indigenous autonomy from post-colonial states or in relation to transnational data flow. With the rise of cloud computing, many countries have passed various laws around control and storage of data, which all reflects measures of data sovereignty

Where Airu is hosted?

Airu is hosted in India

What’s the difference between WhatApp and AIRU?

AIRU provides more secure communication. AIRU does not depend on third-party services to store data. It also provides very secure End-to-End Communication.

What features are you Providing with AIRU?

Hosted in India. Secure End-to-End Communication. No third-party services involved. Better and smooth interferance.

I have a large company/startup and I will be requiring more secure implementation. Will you be able to fulfill our requirement?


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