Quantum Secure Communication Technology Based Solutions

Developers of India’s First Quantum Secure Communications Systems

Who we Are

Scytale Alpha is a Deep-Tech Company incubated by Data Security Council of India. Our unique solution stack ensures

1. Data Secrecy
2. Data Privacy
3. Data Sovereignty
4. Absolute Data Ownership
5. Self-contained, “On-premise solution” (also available on Cloud)

We use cutting-edge Military-Grade Quantum Encryption and Security methodology for Force-Multiplier Impact. No back-end data mining or third-party access to your data.


Our Vision

Design Secure Hardware

We are proficient in designing secure hardware which makes use of Cryptography.

Secure Your Business

Our End-to-End Platforms secured with quantum tech bring in more security.

Provide Strategic Superiority

No matter what, you will be provided an added advantage of quantum technology.

Indigenous Design

Our team of highly professional people build things that matter the most

Secure Communication

Our Communication protocol is designed to protect your privacy and security


We continously work on new technologies in order to bring the best for our clients

Vani Meeting

India’s First Quantum Secure Video Conferencing Solution.

Protect your communication with VANI Meeting by maintaining privacy, integrity and authentication. 

Vani Messenger

India’s First Quantum Secure Messaging Application.

End-to-end encrypted instant communication with absolute data privacy and control. Server and cloud-based suites available.


India’s First Quantum Random Number Generator developed by DRDO (ToT)

VANI Suite integrated with India’s First Quantum Random Number Generated by DRDO (LAToT), capable of withstanding Quantum Computing, a potential future threat to Data Security.  

Why Choose Us

Designed Indigenously

Made in India. Zero involvement of any external country / nation

End-to-End Encryption

Incredible communication stack, inaccessible even to server administrator

Full Internal Control

Data generated in India, stays in India

Proudly Serving the Defence Forces

Partnered with the Indian Defence Forces to provide Secure Communication Technology