About Us

Quantum Secure Communication Technology Based Solutions

Scytale Alpha is a Deep-Tech Company incubated by Data Security Council of India. Our unique solution stack ensures
1. Data Secrecy
2. Data Privacy
3. Data Sovereignty
4. Absolute Data Ownership
5. Self-contained, “On-premise solution” (also available on Cloud)

We use cutting-edge Military-Grade Quantum Encryption and Security methodology for Force-Multiplier Impact. No back-end data mining or third-party access to your data.

Our team consists of skilled Military Veterans and experienced Technology and Security experts. We provide state-of-the-art military grade security and privacy solutions with absolute data ownership for our clients. Our Quantum Secure Messaging and Video Conferencing Solutions are self-hosting and self-sustainable, meeting present and future requirements for privacy, security, encryption, and data ownership. Our unique offerings make us the “Product of First Choice” for Defense, Security, Government, and Corporate establishments that value information security, privacy, and data ownership.